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Top 7 Watersports in Hawaii

It would not be an article on Hawaiian watersports without talking about surfing. You can go surfing from practically any beach in Hawaii, but of course there are world class surfing beaches. There are surfing schools and lessons for beginners to advanced. Or simply go to most beaches and rent a surfboard from the beach shop, order online and have it delivered, or drive to a local rental shop and practice by staying close to shore.

Day-Tripping to Ni’ihau, Lanai, and Molokai in Hawaii

Probably the hardest or the most expensive to visit will be Ni’ihua, as it name implies there are very limited opportunities to visit this reclusive paradise. The island has actually been owned by the same bloodline family, the Sinclair’s, since it was sold to them in 1864 by Hawaiian King Kamehameha V for $10,000 worth of gold.

The Wildlife of the Hawaiian Islands

When you visit Hawaii, there are over 10,000 endemic species (not found anywhere else in the world) which have evolved in a vacuum just like the Galapagos. In fact, Hawaii has by far more endemic species than the Galapagos. Here are my choices for the five most unique native species of Hawaii.