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7-Night Itinerary for Maui, Hawaii

The Family and Casual Vacationer guide – this itinerary is meant for those with families or who expect to visit Maui and Hawaii more than once. There is simply no way you could do everything in seven days, so look for future 14-day itinerary to Maui to follow up on your next visit.

Big Island of Hawaii: Property Reviews

On our recent trip to Hawaii, we stayed in three different timeshares on the Big Island of Hawaii. We intentionally stayed at three different properties because the first week we wanted to stay in Kona to be closer to “Two Step,” our favorite place to snorkel, and...

Hawaiian Culture

There still rages a great scientific and cultural debate on when Hawaii was first settled with dates of modern Hawaiians arriving from the Polynesian Islands as early as 100 AD to as late as 1200 AD. Yet oral tradition speaks about the first Polynesian arrivals having to push back menuhume, little people, into more remote areas of the islands.

How to Snorkel Hawaii Like a Pro

Snorkeling is a water activity that can be done by young children and the elderly. You can choose to snorkel in shallow waters near your resort, safe for everyone, or go to more challenging areas with strong swimmers. Just be sure that you choose the location based on your weakest swimmer.

My Vacation Packing List

The first time we went to Hawaii, my husband and I each took huge suitcases. Those ridiculous suitcases were so big that they wouldn’t fit in the trunk of our rental car, and we had to stand them up on end to fit them in the back seat!  We didn’t wear a...