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Welcome to Dream Vacations, a lifestyle column on travelling to amazing destinations with practical advice and my revelations about locales from years of personal experience. Are you heading to Hawaii for Thanksgiving? Here are some great idea for a relaxed holiday while visiting the most beautiful place on earth. Still need a place to stay, WE STILL HAVE AVAILABILITY, BUT ACT FAST!

As a side note, I want to clarify, that none of the business operators included in my posts are affiliated with Dream Vacations in any way. I highlight those businesses that I have generally heard good things about, had good experiences directly with, or are generally known to have good industry reputations. Of course, your experience may differ.

An Island Thanksgiving        

You can be excused if you think that Thanksgiving in Hawaii is vastly different than on the mainland. Much of the American tradition of Thanksgiving is similar in the Aloha state than what you are used to. There are parades and Turkey dinners and the usual family traditions. Of course, there are some traditions that the Hawaiians have that help give your vacation Thanksgiving a unique flavor.


One of the most unique are the imu Turkey dinners that many of the locals have. If you have had Hawaiian roast pork, a famous state dish, you will recognize the cooking method, imu. Essentially, an imu is an underground roaster that provides a unique smoky and flavourful experience. There are even restaurants, hotels and non-profits that will imu-roast your turkey for an unharried on-the-go Thanksgiving.


A Maui Must!

Whale watching season is in full swing during the Thanksgiving holiday as Humpback whales gorge themselves on krill off the coast of Maui. They seem to have the same idea we all do: escape to the beauty and warm waters of Hawaii for vacation.


You can book a sight-seeing cruise out of Lahaina and finish with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with some of the cruise offerings. Depending on the operator, you can either cruise and eat on land after or experience a sunset whale-watching cruise while enjoying a Thanksgiving meal. Be sure to book NOW, as these are already selling out.


Unique Experiences

Looking to experience something different during your holiday vacation? Here is a list of island adventures with a Thanksgiving theme:

  1. Honolulu’s Thanksgiving Parade – not quite like the New York’s Macy parade, this local favorite includes Hula dancers and Santa’s helpers in shorts and sunglasses and commemorating the fallen and veterans of Pearl Harbour.
  2. Run in Oahu’s Waikiki’s Turkey Trot – different than other 10k races, you actually guess your time before you race on a popsicle stick, with the winner being the person that guesses closest to their time.
  3. Maui’s National Sports Treasure – The Jim Maui Invitational is one of the highlight invitationals of the year for NCAA basketball fans. This year’s tournament features two national coach of the year award winners. Do something different!

Of course, there are many opportunities to enjoy Hawaiian culture during a Thanksgiving holiday, just be sure to book your events in advance.

Looking for a different Thanksgiving experience?  Feel free to call me about any of our Resort rentals.



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