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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1. What is a timeshare?

• A timeshare is like a vacation condo – where private owners own one week at a time. When you rent from a private owner, you are renting a specific unit of time that the private owner owns, and can rent out.


FAQ 2. Why would I want to rent a timeshare, instead of booking a hotel?

• Timeshares are much more spacious than hotel rooms – for about the same cost, or even less, you get a full-sized condo. Most timeshares have living areas, bedrooms, kitchens, laundry facilities, and all the other comforts of home, in a resort setting – often with all the amenities of a hotel, right on site.


FAQ 3. Why are your prices so much less than the resorts?

• When you rent from the resort, you are renting from a management company, like Marriott, Westin, or Hyatt. Frankly, they charge high prices, because they can. I represent private owners at the resorts, who just want to make a fair profit, so my prices are much lower.


FAQ 4. Will I be treated differently at the resort if I rent from a private owner?

• Absolutely not! In fact, as the guest of an owner, you will be treated just like an owner.


FAQ 5. Do timeshares have daily maid service?

• Most timeshares do not include daily maid service. Staying in a timeshare is more like staying in a private condo that is completely and thoroughly cleaned between guests. Many resorts do provide a mid-week cleaning, and some will provide full maid-service for an additional fee, that you would pay directly to the resort. You can arrange additional services directly with the front desk.


FAQ 6. What do I need to bring to a timeshare resort?

• Timeshares are fully-furnished condos. All linens and standard household equipment and kitchen items are provided. Most resorts provide a starter supply of other items like toilet paper, soap, shampoo, kitchen products, etc. One of the advantages of renting a timeshare is having a kitchen if you want to do some cooking, or just have snacks and cold drink on hand. Most resorts are near major grocery stores, so it’s not necessary to bring food and supplies from home, unless you just want to.


FAQ 7. Why do you require full payment after I receive the reservation in my name?

• My timeshare owners depend on me to find reliable renters for their vacation properties. If someone backs out, the timeshare week will sit empty, and the rental will be a total loss for the owner. If you are concerned about having a family emergency and having to cancel, I recommend that you buy travel insurance. Travel Insurance can cover your expenses if you have a family emergency and have to cancel:

AAA recommends Allianz Travel Insurance


FAQ 8. How do I know that the resort has my reservation?

• You will receive an official confirmation, in your name, issued by resort reservations.


FAQ 9. Why do I have to provide my name and address as listed on my picture ID, to make the reservation?

• At check-in, the resort is going to check your ID to verify your identity, and the ID must match the info. on your reservation.


FAQ 10. What are the rental terms?

• Please click here for the rental terms – Rental Terms


FAQ 11. Will you send me something in writing?

• Yes – You will receive a Rental Agreement, and an Invoice, that will list all the rental terms, the details of your rental, and all of my contact info. You will also receive an official confirmation in your name, from resort reservations.


FAQ 12. Will I have to attend a sales presentation if I rent from you?

• Absolutely NOT – in fact if you are invited to attend any kind of “meeting,” I recommend that you decline – timeshare sales people are known for high-pressure, misleading sales tactics. Don’t waste your time!


FAQ 13. What will my view be?

• The view will be listed on your official resort confirmation. Every resort has different view categories and different policies for how guests are assigned to their location and view. If you aren’t clear about the view on your rental – please ask before you pay your deposit, because the view cannot be changed at a later date.


FAQ 14. If I rent an inexpensive view – can you upgrade me to a better view?

• You should expect to be assigned to the view on your confirmation – the location is determined by the resort and it’s not something that I can change.


FAQ 15. When should I purchase my airfare?

• Please wait until you receive the confirmed reservation, in your name, to book your airfare.


FAQ 16. What if I have more questions?

• Please feel free to email me any questions you may have – I want you to feel completely comfortable with the rental process. dbmmayer@gmail.com


FAQ 17. Can we talk on the phone?

• Absolutely! Please email me to set up the best time for you. dbmmayer@gmail.com