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Welcome to Dream Vacations, a lifestyle column on travelling to amazing destinations with practical advice and my revelations about locales from years of personal experience. A trip to Hawaii will undoubtedly include various water activities. Our last article shows some amazing variety for watersports when visiting Hawaii, but today we will focus on sport that is great for all ages and experience levels and is amazing in the water ecosystem of Hawaii.

Snorkel Like a Pro

Snorkeling is a water activity that can be done by young children and the elderly. You can choose to snorkel in shallow waters near your resort, safe for everyone, or go to more challenging areas with strong swimmers. Just be sure that you choose the location based on your weakest swimmer.

In the Beginning

Snorkeling is simply swimming with a mask, snorkel tube and swimfins so that you can keep your face pointed down towards the reef and sealife that you want to see, while still being able to breathe. Most beginners stay at the surface and its easiest if you just glide or float along, using only your feet to propel you forward keeping your hands crossed on your chest. Even children can snorkel in Hawaii at the beach and enjoy sights they would not normally see.

Advanced Swimmers

For adults, strong swimmers and watersport pros, snorkeling in Hawaii offers an experience unlike almost anywhere else on the planet. Venturing further from shore, snorkeling in choppy water or performing free dives while snorkeling are all advanced techniques that not only include the proper equipment, such as a dry-top snorkel tube, but should only be done in pairs and with strong swimmers.

Best Spots for Family Snorkeling


Staying at any of our preferred resorts, such as the Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas,  puts you a stone’s throw from great family snorkeling spots such as Black Rock at Ka’anapali Beach, a 20-minute walk or a five-minute drive. Ka’anapali beach is one of the top 10 rated beaches in the world and a perfect spot for family snorkeling in Maui.



If you’re staying on Oahu near the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Hanauma Bay is only 30-minutes away and provides one of the most impressive snorkeling adventures, as one of the top spots in all Hawaii, because the fish population is also among the highest anywhere in the islands. Your children will be in awe.


For the Kauai Beach Villas, you are also only a 30-minute drive from three top south shore snorkeling areas, Lawai Beach, Koloa Landing and Poipu Beach Park.


Many of the top resorts in Hawaii are located on great beaches that typically provide a starting point for families with children that want to snorkel. Beyond those spots, for advanced snorkelers its best to book a boat charter with a local guide that can ensure your safety and the best locations.

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