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Vacation Resort Rental Services for Owners


We do all the work for you!  All you do is make the reservation!


A note from Denise Mayer, owner of Dream Vacation Villas (previously Denise Travels):

A little about me:  I own thirteen timeshares, and I love traveling and timesharing!   I’m also a moderator on the largest internet forum for timeshare owners (TUG.)  I originally created my website to rent my own timeshares, but over time, I found myself helping many other owners rent their timeshares, and a small business was born.  I have been renting timeshares for other owners since 2010.


I have successfully rented my own timeshares for more than 10 years, and I quickly discovered that promoting my rentals with high quality Ads, with lots of information and pictures, really increased my rentals. However, it is time consuming to recreate complicated Ads over and over again for each new website. Now I just create one Ad on my webpage, and post a link to it on multiple internet rental websites. This has resulted in an increase in legitimate inquiries, and quicker rentals, at full price!

The testimonials below are from previous and current clients who own vacation properties that Dream Vacation Villas have rented for them.


I do all the work for you!
All you do is make the reservation! I

*There is no fee until your timeshare rents!

*I am currently only accepting new listings at the following resorts: CLICK HERE
Complete Rental Services Include:
•Hosting your rental on my website – www.denisetravels.com
•Posting your Ads on Craigslist, TUG, & Redweek, at no additional cost
•Answering all emails & handling negotiations with potential renters
Receiving payment and sending your proceeds within 48 hours
Sample fees:
1,500 – Rent:  charged to renter
-$225 – My fee: 15%
$1,275 – net to owner

*Fee for complete rental services = 15% of the total rent. 


*There are no separate fees for advertising or processing payments – all fees are included in the 15% rental fee.


*I am currently only accepting new listings that will rent for $1,500 or more.

*I do not accept listings that are Exchanges or Getaways from exchange companies.



FAQ for Rental Services

1.  How do  I know you aren’t a scammer?

Good question!  There are lots of scammers in the timeshare share industry!  You can be very sure I’m not a scammer, because I don’t charge any upfront fees.  I can also provide references from doctors, lawyers, and business professionals, who are my clients.

2.  What do you do when a renter wants to cancel their reservation?

I have a firm no-cancellation policy that the renter must agree to by signing a rental agreement, before they make their deposit.  I also collect the full amount of the rent up front, and the transaction is usually complete and final, within 48 hours after we issue the confirmation.   I always recommend travel insurance to my renters in case they do have a family emergency, and travel insurance will refund their fees.

3.  Why do you charge $50 if I rent my timeshare myself or cancel the Ad early?

I only charge $50 if you cancel with no notice.  For instance, if a renter is ready to proceed with a rental, and then I find out that you are unable/unwilling to proceed with the rental, it creates a very awkward situation with the renter.  I will always notify you that a rental is pending, and give you the opportunity to confirm that you are ready to proceed, before I finalize the rental of your timeshare.

If you cancel your listing BEFORE it is rented – there are no fees and penalties.

If you cancel the reservation AFTER it is rented, you will be responsible for reimbursing the renter for the full amount of the rent, within 48 hours.

IMPORTANT – Please let me know before you cancel a listing with me.  It’s very awkward to be in the middle of a rental on your behalf, and then find out that you cancelled the reservation without notifying me.

4.  What makes your rental service special?

I handle your rental like it is my own.

I reply personally to all potential renters.

I handle the payment – so you don’t have to deal with it.

I post your Ads on multiple websites – not just one – for maximum exposure.

I have an established, respected, reputation in the timeshare community.

5.  Why won’t you rent RCI and Interval Exchanges and Getaways?

RCI and Interval specifically forbid the renting of exchanges, and the consequences are pretty harsh if you get caught.  I don’t want to risk my own RCI and II accounts.

6.  How do you determine the rental price?

I look at the Comps on the major rental websites for the exact same unit and dates, to determine the current market value.

7.  I think my timeshare is worth a lot more than what others are asking for theirs – will you list it at my price?

No – If your asking price is too high – it won’t rent.  If it doesn’t rent – neither of us will make any money.

8.  How do I know you are really trying to rent my timeshares?

It’s simple – if I don’t rent your timeshare – I don’t make a cent.

9.  Why don’t you accept timeshares that rent for less than $1,500?

Because they are more difficult to rent, and it’s not profitable.

10.  How will I know when you rent my timeshare?

When the renter says they are ready to proceed, and asks me to send them an invoice, I will contact you to let you know that a rental is in progress.

11.  What happens next?

Once the renter signs the rental agreement and pays the deposit, I will contact you with the renter’s info.

You will contact the resort/reservations and have them issue a new Guest Confirmation in the renter’s name, and forward it to me.

I will send the Guest Confirmation to the renter, and invoice them for the final payment.

Then the renter will have 48 hours to call and confirm their reservation with the resort, and make their final payment.

Once they make the final payment, I will immediately send your proceeds to you, with a bank check.

12.  Will I have to have contact with renters?

Not at all – in fact they won’t even know who you are.

13.  Why don’t you accept listings from other resorts?

I am slowly adding additional high quality/high demand resorts to my inventory, but I want to be sure that I can continue to provide excellent service to the owners that I already work with, so I have to be selective about which listings I accept.

14.  What should I do to get started?

FIRST – please check this list, to be sure your timeshare is one that I am accepting listings from ->  CLICK HERE

1)  Forward a copy of your original confirmation that you received from your resort.

2)  I will respond with suggestions about your listing and pricing.

3)  I will send you an online Rental Agreement which you can review and sign online.

15.  Can I talk to you on the phone?

Absolutely! – send me an email and we will set up a time that’s convenient for you.


“I first asked Denise to handle the rental of my timeshare just as an extra rental option. Little did I know at the time that a family emergency would make it virtually impossible for me to deal with the hassle of renting my units myself. Having Denise handle everything from start to finish was a lifesaver for me. Quite frankly, if I hadn’t had her, the weeks/points probably would have gone to waste. Thank you very much Denise!”

Lisa – Starwood Owner

“Denise’s experience in listing and negotiating rentals has made renting my
timeshares a completely seamless experience. She contacts me to make a reservation and a few
days later, the rent is in my account. It couldn’t be any easier! I strongly recommend her service
for anyone looking for a steady stream of great rental leads.”

Jerome from Fremont

“Excellent rental site! My week rented in less than a week thanks to Denise. She made it
painless and easy for me and I got top dollar for my villa. I appreciate her professionalism and close communication. Highly recommend to anyone who’d like assistance with renting their vacation home, timeshare or villa.”

Katherine from San Diego

“Hi Denise,
It occurs to me that, with last week’s final rental of the 2012 season at Harborside, you and I have closed out a very productive 2012 season and have actually started on 2013. I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for the job you have done. You have shown persistence, flexibility, creativity as well as honesty, reasonableness and integrity. These are all qualities not generally found in abundance these days and I treasure them in a business relationship. You have been consistently good-natured and patient throughout everything. What I never expected to find was a sense of humor to lend some lightness to what must, at times, be trying for you (although I hope I am not the source of the trying times). I have been so lucky to have found you. I hope the year has gone as well for you and your other clients’ rentals are moving well.

I look forward to an equally productive 2013. It’s already off to a great start!

Thank you again,”

Tina, Starwood owner

“Denise is one in 10 million and I believe that. Why: 1. Good communicator; 2. intelligent and knowledgeable as to how to rent timeshares; 3. Detail orientated; 4. Fair and honest. I own more timeshares than I want to travel per year and my wife feels even more so. I have little desire to respond to all the people that reply to a For Rent Post. I joined Tug and noticed how much Denise knew as a moderator. One day I clicked on her web link and saw her listings. For more than a year Denise has been my expert and taken all the pressure off of me. I truly welcome and follow her advice. Denise gets the job done and renters are happy and come back again.”

Richard, California Attorney

“We can highly recommend Denise’s services. She helped us with 5 transactions, all of which ultimately rented. Denise is very knowledgeable, patient and responds quickly to emails. There are no worries with her service, it is completely above board and honest. It has been a total pleasure to work with her.”

Jane and Rob Fowler