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The Most Relaxing Vacation Experience

Welcome to Dream Vacations, a lifestyle column on travelling to amazing destinations with practical advice and my revelations about locales from years of personal experience. Last week we talked about the advance of ‘experiences’ in the travel industry, but what if you just want a simple, no-nonsense relaxing vacation? Find out how to get off the grid, relax and enjoy the most important thing in life; your loved ones.

Let Nature Be Your Muse

The ‘Garden Island’ may just be your best bet at achieving vacation relaxation nirvana. Kauai, Hawaii is quieter than Oahu, it’s further removed from the hub-bub and is a true paradise. Maybe it’s time for family and sole vacationers to put aside the need for constant entertainment and enjoy some of the most beautiful places on earth. Dare I say, without your cellphone, iPad or Apple TV?

If there is any place on earth that should be able to keep our attention, it is the amazing views of ocean and mountains on Kauai. The magnificence is simply breathtaking.  

Kauai’s Quiet Places

Whether with your family, spouse or partner or by yourself, getting in tune with nature is easy on Kauai. Most of the island is dotted with wilderness preserves, forest reserves and state parks. Of course, there are also many beaches both public and secluded.

Make a day trip, an overnight camping trip or just a few hours hiking at these gorgeous spots:

  1. Napali Coast State Wildnerness Park – Kalalau Trail
  2. Waimea Canyon State Park – Kukui Trail (serious hikers only)
  3. Wailua State Park – Poli’ahu Heiau

Or for those that want to sit and relax on quiet beaches:

  1. Kahili Beach, North Shore – quiet, secluded and offers another even more secluded option.
  2. Sheraton Poipu beach, South Shore – brand new resort that offers a fabulous beach.
  3. Lawai Bay beach – legally accessible only by boat, it offers amazing sunset views.

Game Night!

Actually, you could hold a game-day, after all it’s a vacation. Bring along your favourite games and enjoy the company of your loved ones. Here are some great games that travel easily:

  • Card games – euchre, canasta, rummy, gin rummy, hearts or Texas hold’em
  • Travel Scrabble or Bananagrams – word games that will enrich your mind and are still fun for everyone
  • Boogie Board – digital, but can provide hours of fun for makeshift Pictionary, hangman, tic-tac-toe and more.

A New Resort Option

The brand-new Sheraton Kauai Resort at Poipu Beach is currently rated as one of the islands top 10 resorts according to TripAdvisor and U.S. News. It offers a luxurious suite for families or couples on the popular and sunny south shore and even offers some great activities for relaxation including lei making classes, ukulele lessons, and of course a full service spa.

We are now accepting reservations and listings for this top-rated resort.

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