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Welcome to Dream Vacations, a lifestyle column on travelling to amazing destinations with practical advice and my revelations about locales from years of personal experience. Besides the sheer beauty of a trip to Hawaii and the cultural highlights, many visitors go for the sheer number of watersports and activities they can enjoy. As a chain of islands, there are literally hundreds of operators across many different sports and activities that provide fun, safe and educational adventures. You can always do many of these yourself too!

Surf’s UP

It would not be an article on Hawaiian watersports without talking about surfing. You can go surfing from practically any beach in Hawaii, but of course there are world class surfing beaches. There are surfing schools and lessons for beginners to advanced. Or simply go to most beaches and rent a surfboard from the beach shop, order online and have it delivered, or drive to a local rental shop and practice by staying close to shore.

Paddling with Dolphins

A new craze sweeping waterways everywhere are paddleboards. These long, wide boards allow you to stand up and paddle (in Hawaii referred to as SUP). It provides great exercise and you can even paddle in a group, with a child on board (as long as they do not tip you over) or alone. They are used in calm waters in the oceans, rivers or lakes. In Hawaii, it’s a great way to get close to sea life such as monk seals, dolphins, sea turtles and even whale watching. Just be sure to keep your distance and stay out of rough waters and follow these tips.

Kayaking Beside Cliffs

Looking to be wowed? Kayaking beside the 4,000 foot cliffs of Kauai would definitely do that. You could kayak the Wailua River, Honolulu Bay, Maui or Kaneohe Bay, Oahu as well. There plenty of options.

Scuba Diving or Snorkeling the Reefs

Whether you want to just snorkel by your resort or deep dive the amazing reefs around Hawaii, there are hundreds of options, tours and schools. Snorkelling with the family can be as easy as a trip to the beach or a visit to one of these top nine places, whereas scuba diving options are just as plentiful. Here’s a quick Hawaii scuba guide.

Sailing Off into the Sunset

Not sure you’re ready to dive the ocean blue just yet? There are dinner and sunset cruises from almost every major city but here are some of the best from international tour operator Viator. After your other watersports sit back and enjoy the sea life from the comfort of a catamaran and fine dining.

Fishing for Big Game

Of course you have heard of Hawaii’s world-famous deep sea fishing, but if you get tired of that, you can reef fish for barracuda and bonefish (even attempt spear fishing), drop a line for the deep seven, or even head inland for freshwater bass and rainbow trout. FishingBooker is a great place to see the tours available in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Ocean Canoeing

Looking for a more cultural watersport experience? The outrigger or Hawaiian canoe was brought to the islands in 200 AD by seafaring explorers. Now you can enjoy these wonderfully built custom canoes through lessons and tours. A great activity for the whole family.

Look for future in-depth articles on each of these activities where we’ll explore some of the best locations, operators and more. Looking for accommodations to get to these great activities? We provide quality resort rentals in Hawaii including, Maui, Big Island, Oahu and Kauai.

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