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Welcome to Dream Vacations, a lifestyle column on travelling to amazing destinations with practical advice and my revelations about locales from years of personal experience. Today’s topic centers on the difference at Hilton’s Hawaiian Village (HHV) in Waikiki Beach, Oahu, but can be applied to any vacation where the option for resort suites are available.

Space the Final Luxury Frontier

There’s a simple difference between renting a hotel room and renting a resort suite from existing timeshare owners: space. For example, a standard hotel room at the Ali’i or Rainbow Tower at the Hilton Hawaiian village is approximately 370 square feet. The average industry size for a hotel room is a measly 325 square feet, and they are trending down in size. The 3-bedroom suite at the Lagoon Tower, HHV (a rental currently on sale) is a whopping 1,446 square feet, over four times the size. This unit includes three bedrooms, a pull-out sofa (sleeps 8), a full kitchen, washer and dryer, a balcony and living/dining room area and even includes internet Wi-Fi access.

This size difference ratio is the same whether you want a 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom suite rental. Being able to enjoy your accommodations, ‘just like home’ is an experience that most vacationers wish they could have and now you can. Instead of renting adjoining rooms for a family, simply rent a suite and get access to more options.

More Affordable, More Options

A straight cost comparison shows the value of these resort suite rentals as well. Hilton Hawaiian Village’s cheapest hotel room rate (using Kayak.com) for the same dates available for our current suite sale shows a nightly rental cost of $236 per night. For occupancy comparison this would equal $3,304 (2 rooms for seven nights) for seven nights and based on a square footage comparison it would equal $6,608. In either equation, the cost per square foot is significantly better with a suite rental. Plus, you’ll be able to save a number of ways in a suite rental over a hotel room:

  1. Most timeshare rentals offer free Wi-Fi, a savings of $10-20 per night.
  2. Being able to do laundry cuts down on baggage requirements, saving $60-120 per trip and reducing your luggage by one suitcase.
  3. Packing-in food from home or shopping at local grocery stores for easy cooking on-site.  This alone could save you $100s to $1000s depending on how much you eat out.
  4. Lowering activity costs by not feeling ‘cooped up’ in a small hotel room; this can be especially difficult for families with children.

The rental of a resort suite gives you options on your vacation which a hotel room does not. Our current example offers a savings range of $1,000 to $4,500 per week per family of four, but significantly more if you use the full 8-person occupancy.

The Hilton Hawaiian Lagoon Tower Difference

If you have never experienced the difference between hoteling and timesharing, the Hilton Grand Vacation Club’s Hilton Hawaiian Lagoon Tower provides a stellar experience. The HHV is a vast complex, but being in the Lagoon Tower provides separate check-in, potentially avoiding long lines at the hotel check-in and includes your resort fee that hotel-renters have to pay $40 per night. HHV is a 22-acre paradise with six pools, a lagoon, four water slides, and over 20 on-site restaurants. Enjoy it in style from the comfort of a suite that ‘feels like home.’

Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about our current specials at Hilton Hawaiian Village Lagoon Tower or are looking for other tips for Oahu, Hawaii.